Consultoría integral en cuidado de heridas – Comprehensive consulting in wound care – Consultoria Integral en cura de ferides – Consultoria integral em tratamento de feridas


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Advanced wound management (Chronic wounds, pressure ulcers-also named pressure injuries, venous leg ulcers, arterial leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, incontinence associated dermatitis-IAD, complications in surgical wounds, complex wounds, traumatic wounds, Burns, skin tears, fungating wounds and low prevalence wounds such as EB), a problem generally not very visible to which is attributed 5% of the total expenditure on health care in developed countries. Nowadays it is an important challenge for Health Care organizations due to a large number of dynamic factors among which we can highlight:

The growing aging of the population, the increase of health problems such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, chronicity, the emergence of new technologies and healthcare contexts, the economic pressures to Health Care, the need to increase quality of care, the need to strengthen the culture of patient safety, the possibility of economic penalties and legal claims, the increasing pressure of ethics in care, the growing importance of institutional marketing for health institutions or the need for accreditations in quality issues for health institutions.

As in any other area of health care, there are a great number of opportunities to improve the prevention and treatment of wounds, and, with this, contribute to optimize advanced care of them, as well as increase the quality of care and the safety of patients, and contribute to achieving Health Systems with maximum profitability under the cost / benefit / opportunity point of view. With the idea that these are sustainable from an economic and ethical point of view (equity) and that they comply with the highest quality standards.


Audits y diagnósticos situacionales sobre cuidado de heridas

Audits and situational diagnostics on wound management

Systematized evaluation of the situation and the epidemiological, clinical, organizational and health economics impact of the problem of wounds in your institution, as a previous step and as a support to the definition and implementation of processes of reformulation, change and adaptation to new challenges and trends for the consolidation and sustainability of wound management.

Programas de formación sobre heridas

Educational programs on wounds

Diagnosis of educational needs, planning, implementation and monitoring of educational programs based on the best available evidence on different aspects of advanced wound management according to the needs and specific context of your institution and the different types of professionals involved.

Design of “ad hoc” educational programs and evaluation of their  impact on clinical outcomes.

Proyectos específicos de mejora en eventos de seguridad relacionados con las heridas

Specific projects to improve safety events related to wounds

Design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of specific projects for the improvement of the situation relative to different patient safety events, as well as registration, notification, monitoring and analysis systems for the search for solutions in safety events such as support related pressure injuries, medical device related pressure injuries, complications in surgical wounds (dehiscence and infection), incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), other injuries related to dependence, erosions and skin tears (Skin Tears), complications in venous accesses, accidental falls … according to the best evidence and available practices.

Proyectos específicos de mejora en la Práctica Clínica Avanzada en el cuidado de Heridas

Specific projects for improvement in the Advanced Clinical Practice in Wound Management

Design, implementation, evaluation and follow-up of specific projects for the improvement of advanced clinical practice in the care (prevention and treatment) of different types of acute, chronic and hard to heal wounds  (Pressure injuries, vascular and  diabetic foot ulcers ,IAD, other injuries related to dependence, erosions and skin tears, complications in surgical wounds, acute and traumatic complex wounds, low prevalence wounds …) according to the best available evidence.

Asesoría clínica en heridas

Clinical advice in wounds

Clinical advice on aspects related to advanced wound management in specific and individual situations.

Support in the search for therapeutic alternatives for complex clinical situations in the care of patients with complex wounds according to the available and authorized solutions and resources.

Support in the elaboration and documentation of clinical case studies  on complex or unusual situations in wound management.

Organización y logística asistencial

Organization and care logistics

Support in the design and organization of the care offer and the different human, structural and material resources to achieve an optimal advanced care and management  to the wounds cost / effective and economically sustainable.

Definition of solutions for the care of patients with wounds in highly complex care environments such as rurality, chronicity, population dispersion, long distance from resources and specialized institutions, alternatives to institutionalization and palliative and terminal care.

Support in the organization and implementation of tele health solutions and clinical remote support in wounds.

Guías de práctica clínica y uso racional de recursos en el cuidado de las heridas

Clinical practice guidelines and rational use of resources in wound care

Dynamization of projects aimed at the definition, preparation, implementation and monitoring of clinical practice guidelines (CPG)  or clinical protocols aimed at improving advanced care of a specific type of wounds, as well as the rational use of different human resources, materials and organizations involved in them, according to the best available evidence and maximum economic sustainability.

Registros clínicos, epidemiológicos y de actividad sobre heridas

Clinical, epidemiological and activity records on wounds

Advice on the design and implementation of indicators of clinical activity, care, epidemiology and clinical outcomes according to the needs or specifications of accreditation entities, health administration or service contracting entities, as well as for their integration into the electronic records of your institution.

Atención a las heridas en entornos complejos

Care for pediatric patients with complex wounds

Support and advice in the advanced wound managenet  in pediatric patients in situations of high hospital complexity (neonates, pediatric ICU, neonatal ICU,  surgical complications, catastrophic injuries, complications in cancer patients, wounds and health problems of low prevalence with cutaneous manifestations), prevention of pressure injuries in complex situations (operating room, patients with orthosis, patients with medical or ortopedic devices) and in pediatric patients with chronic health problems and mobility limitations.

Support in the organization and implementation of tele health solutions and clinical remote support in wounds.

Selección y evaluación de productos y tecnologías para el cuidado avanzado de las heridas

Selection and evaluation of products and technologies for advanced wound management

External advice in the processes of selection, adaptation, rationalization and evaluation of products and technologies for advanced wound management.

Design and implementation of cost / effectiveness evaluation protocols and economic impact on products and solutions for advanced wound care.

Acreditación en temas relacionados con el cuidado avanzado de heridas

Accreditation on issues related to advanced wound management

Assistance in the accreditation of healthcare professionals and institutions in advanced wound management practice.

Advice on the accreditation of processes with an impact on the quality of care in matters related to advanced wound management, quality of care and patient safety, both by the institution itself and by external organizations / agencies.

Innovación, nuevos desarrollos y transferencia del conocimiento sobre cuidado avanzado de heridas

Innovation, new developments and transfer of knowledge about advanced wound management

Advice on the genesis of evidence and the design and execution of innovation and new developments on advanced wound care as well as its transfer to other levels of development or specialized industry.

Support in disruptive innovation programs in wound management to the generate of ideas in healthcare environments and to engage, train and transform or improve healthcare professionals and other actors advanced wound management practice, knowledge and approaches.

Aspectos legales, informes y peritajes judiciales sobre heridas

Legal issues, reports and judicial expert opinions on wounds

Advice to institutions and health care professionals in the prevention of legal complications related to the care of wounds under the optimum of good practice environments.

Elaboration by our professionals of judicial reports and expert reports on issues related to the prevention and treatment of wounds.

Compliance with the regulations regarding data protection.



Support in the preparation of communication material aimed at sensitizing, training and  informing the different actors involved in wound care (health care  professionals, patients, scientific community, general public, society :, Health Administration), either in offline material – posters, brochures, flyers, gadgets … – either in online formats -webs, apps.

Image of campaigns, materials and specific actions. We are at your disposal to help you generate the maximum value and obtain the maximum diffusion of your campaigns, results and actions.

nvestigación y comunicación científica en heridas

Research and scientific communication in wounds

Bibliographic searches in commercial databases (chemistry, biomedicine, drugs commercialized and in development and patents), profiles of regular alerts in databases and creation of customized databases.

Advice on the conceptual and methodological design and implementation of research projects and lines of clinical and applied research in advanced wound management.

Support in the design and development of observational studies (preparation of the protocol, statistical analysis plan, data collection charts (electronic or paper), patient information sheet and informed consent, processing to the AEMPS, Autonomous Communities and Ethical and Research Committees (when necessary), contract with the centers and monitoring  (CRO), exploitation, execution, analysis and exploitation of clinical results and health economics, support in the preparation of research reports.

Elaboration of narrative or systematic reviews of literature and meta-analysis.
Support in scientific communication (research reports, clinical cases, presentations, scientific articles ..).

Design and implementation of online platforms for data collection in uni or multi-center contexts.

Organization of face-to-face scientific events and dissemination of scientific activities at distance and their contents in training and streaming capsules. Organization and implementation of webinars.

Health economics and wounds

Preparation of audits on the cost of wounds  in Institutions.
Analysis of health economics variables  related with wound mangement for inclusion in evaluations and studies.
Preparation of value dossiers and product dossiers.

Adaptation or development of models of cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility, cost-benefit and cost minimization.

Budget impact studies.



If your need is not among those described above, please share it with us and we will study it.