Our mission:

  • Contribute (through education, research and dissemination of knowledge) to the implementation of evidence in clinical practice in wound care.
  • Promote interdisciplinary working and the definition of good practice contexts, knowing that this affects the health, quality of life and well-being of people and society.
  • Prevent acute and chronic wounds and skin problems related to patient dependence and safety, while promoting optimal treatment to facilitate a quick resolution with the least possible impact,
  • Operate in a financial sustainable way with equitable access, ensuring professional development of staff, advancement of science and continuous improvement of wound care.

Our vision:

To be recognised as your strategic ally and partner in the improvement of advanced wound care and patient safety in issues related to wounds and dependency-related injuries.

Our values:

  • Interdisciplinary working with full respect for the contribution of everyone involved in wound care
  • Involvement in the genesis, analysis and use of the best possible evidence in the care of wounds
  • Dedication to the ethics of research and wound care
  • Commitment to rigor and transparency in the development of our interventions
  • Sustainability and equity in access to advanced wound care
  • Empowerment of patients and their family environments in advanced wound care
  • Respect for cultural diversity, gender, and personal choices, policies and beliefs of people in advanced wound care